Please read the following information prior to booking sessions:

Shredly’s Adventures runs group skills sessions regularly on weekends and school holidays in St Helens and Blue Derby. All ages and abilities are welcome!

Lync Nietvelt is the lead instructor, is fully qualified and insured, and has coached general mountain bike skills and safety, as well as Enduro and Downhill competitors all over the world.

The sessions will be 2 or more hours in length, so all riders MUST bring water that can be carried with us as we ride. We recommend bike mounted water bottles or hydration packs, but backpacks with water bottles inside will be fine. Lync will most definitely get a little snacky, so it is also recommended that snacks are brought as he is unlikely to want to share.

At a minimum we require that all bicycles used in our sessions have sturdy off road tyres and front and rear brakes that can be operated independently of one another. The first thing we will do is go over our bikes prior to departing, but we encourage riders to come with bikes prepared so we can get shreddin’ sooner.

Helmets are mandatory, and must fit correctly, be undamaged, and meet Australian Standards AS/NZA 2063:2008 at a minimum. This standard should be written on a shiny sticker on the inside of the helmet under or around the padding.

Available session dates and times are listed on the booking page. You have the option to pay for the booking at the end of the booking process, or pay on the day. On the day we can accept Cash and Card payments, or pay with PayPal or Card in the booking process. Please note that numbers are limited and preference is given to those who prepay.

The sessions are separated in regards to ability rather than age. However, for older beginners (ages 12 – 105) we recommend booking an Intermediate/Advanced session, to ensure that the rider is fully engaged and challenged by the coaching. A further break down of the different groups is as follows:

Beginner/Intermediate Sessions: Ran in the morning, these sessions will focus on engaging riders with the wonderful sport of mountain-biking. Our time will be focused on safe, controlled and enjoyable mountain bike riding. We will be laying a strong, confident foundation to build advanced skills upon in to the future. We will be riding ‘Green’ trails for the start of the day, moving to ‘Blue’ trails later on depending on the progress of the group. Beginners are able to ride a bike, but may have limited experience in off road situations, in controlling their speed and negotiating sharp turns and inclines.

If a rider is keen to spend a full day on their bike, we would be happy for them to book a Beginner and Intermediate session in the one day. This will mean a full day on their bike, and out of your hair. There will be an hour between sessions, and they can hang out with us while we eat our lunch in preparation for Session 2.

Intermediate/Advanced Sessions: Ran in the afternoon, these sessions focus on more applied off road skills. These groups will encounter steeper, rougher terrain, jumps, berms, rocks, etc. Riders in this group will have experience in off road situations, are able to stand up on their bikes and operate their bike’s brakes independently to control their speed. They will have ridden ‘Blue’ trails before. These sessions will quickly progress from ‘Green’ trails to reaffirm foundational skills, to ‘Blue’ trails. Depending on the progress/ability of the group, we may progress to ‘Black’ trails fairly quickly as well, and may head on up on a Gravity Shuttle if time and ability permits.

Advanced Sessions: These sessions are usually longer to allow time for shuttles. These sessions have a more performance/racing focus. Riders will have ridden ‘Black’ trails before and are looking to take their riding to the next level. We will start on ‘Blue’ trails and progress to ‘Black’ trails. Gravity Shuttles are included in this session, and we will get on to them as soon as the group is ready.

There are also opportunities for one-on-one and private group sessions, so please contact us if you’re looking for a more personalised service.