Bikes in Schools and Youth Engagement Programs

Why should your school, club, or organisation consider implementing a mountain bike program?

It’s no secret that outdoor adventure activities are good for the well-being and development of young people. If you don’t believe us, see these:

And with the growing enthusiasm for and investment in mountain biking all across Tasmania right now, mountain biking now offers very real opportunities for career pathways alongside the physical, mental, social and environmental improvements it can offer as a recreational activity. See:

There is no denying, however, that opportunities for young people to participate and engage with nature and adventure based activities are not equal. And this is where Shredlys is dedicated to driving change. Through our work with schools, clubs, not-for-profits, community service organisations and youth groups, we are committed to providing opportunities for participation in nature and adventure activites to ALL. By providing high-quality, professional bike safety and handling instruction, managing the risks with in-depth trail knowledge, as well as offering up to 40 budget-friendly mountain bikes for hire, we’re hoping to engage and inspire the next generation of happy, healthy, active young people.

What Shredlys can provide schools and other organisations

  • High quality, professional bike safety and handling instruction
  • In-depth knowledge of trails and conditions to manage risks and guide groups in areas appropriate to rider abilities
  • Bicycle mechanical assistance
  • Education/instruction on bicycle maintenance and repair 
  • 40 budget friendly hard tail hire mountain bikes
  • up to 30 high quality dual suspension hire mountain bikes
  • helmets for up to 50 participants
  • Transport Tasmania wide for up to 40 participants, bikes and gear
  • Consultation and assistance in risk management assessments and other documentation
  • Consultation and assistance in grant and funding applications

Example Programs that we’ve ran previously:

Grade 9 Adventure Camp, Launceston
Students had the choice of surfing or mountain biking activities over three days in St Helens. We took the Mountain Bikers out on the St Helens trails and showed them bike safety and handling techniques to equip them with all they needed to get the most out of their time Mountain Biking in St Helens. The school hired bikes from Launceston and Shredlys picked the bikes up each morning to meet at the trails. The students and staff camped at campgrounds in St Helens and were also required to organise and cook their own meals while away.
Grade 10 MTB Camp, Launceston
Students elected to participate in a mountain bike specific camp in Derby over three days. Most students brought their own bikes and all had some previous experience in mountain biking. Shredlys did skills instruction amongst a lot of challenging, long and exhilirating rides. Students weren’t much trouble back at camp at the end of each of these three days, nor were the coaches and staff.
Grade 11/12 Outdoor Recreation, Devonport
During terms 1 and 4 Shredlys took students from an Outdoor Recreation class at an independent school out on to the trails of the Penguin MTB park to learn about mountain biking, to get some exercise and fresh air, and to explore the trails of Penguin. The school has it’s own bikes and van, so Shredlys picked bikes up from the school campus and met the students and staff at the trails for a two hour weekly session each term.

Department of Health/Healthy Tasmania Small grant scheme, Queenstown
Shredlys travelled to Queenstown to run coaching sessions free of charge to members of the West Coast TAS MTB club. Friday afternoon was spent with Mountain Heights School students working on skills and playing on-bike games on the basketball court. Sessions on Saturday and Sunday morning each focused on different ages and abilities. Sunday afternoon was spent ‘up on the mountain’, conquering Mt Owen with intermediate and above adults. Focusing on ‘race craft’, we worked on line choice, gathering and maintaining speed through undulations, and more advanced cornering techniques. This program was organised by the West Coast TAS MTB club and funded by the Department of Health.
If you have any questions or would like to discuss opportunities for your school, club, youth group or other organisation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.